Bowleg and knock-knee adjustment

Bowleg guidance

What is a reason to become bowleg and knock-knee?

Anyone is born with bowleg as you can see a baby. However, it becomes knock-knee around 3-4 years old. As a child grows up, his legs become straight.
If a child is forced to walk from early time, undeveloped leg bones receives excessive pressure of the body weight, the inner side of legs may not grow as the outside does. As a result, it becomes a reason to become bowleg.

Moreover, most causes of bowleg are acquired distortions of the pelvis and joint by lifestyle habits such as walking or sitting position.

Although distortion of the pelvis have the most influence, distortions of a hip joint, a knee, and an ankle do as well.

Bibliography: "An improvement and reform mini guide of bowleg"

Bowleg and knock-knee adjustment

"Although the treatment is done according to individual patient…

have you had a question why prices are so different at an cosmetic salon, specializes bowleg and knock-knee adjustments, and a chiropractic clinic etc.

Even if they offer the similar services, generally, there are differences as below.

●A price is higher at a specialized cosmetic salon. It may up to about 10 times more expensive. They may explain as if they have special techniques.
Is it safe to believe everything what they show such as before-after pictures?
● A price is lower at an chiropractic clinic. However, treatment techniques vary with each practitioner.

Please take a moment to think about it.

Many practitioner working at an cosmetic salon or an chiropractic clinic studied at a same school.

We believe if a practitioner, who is well experienced, gives a treatment, there is less difference in service at an cosmetic salon or an chiropractic clinic.

What do you think?

Bowleg and knock-knee adjustment

"10 years have past already since we, as Total Body Care group, opened the clinics with a setting, ""low price range for anyone to come"". The director has been teaching actively at the No.1 shared chiropractic school. There are his students who opened an cosmetic adjustment special salon after they graduated.

Every staff member is ready to give you a sincere treatment, please visit us at anytime. It's our pleasure to help you in any way we can."

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