Maternity course

It is pelvic correction after prenatal delivery

Preparing the condition of the body after childbirth 
and giving a comfortable life to your husband who works hard
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Regarding body preparation and treatment to pregnant women

First of all, I will give counseling and ask about the condition of my body. Although there is a painful image when it comes to body preparation, think safely first with supine face and sideways, I will do treatment without any burden on pregnant women, so please be relieved.
Muscles and joints will not hurt with excessive force. Because it adjusts with reasonable adjustment, you can relax.

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About body preparation and treatment to the postpartum person

Since how to open the pelvis and how to distort vary from person to person, our hospital conducts detailed counseling and we try to do the treatment appropriate for that person. Postpartum pelvic correction, unlike normal pelvic correction, will correct for the maternity course. Also, stress due to child rearing, chronic fatigue, insomnia, stiff shoulders and so on are improved by postpartum accommodation.

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Maternity course
Please do not hesitate to ask
how to use total body care
consult a doctor in advance
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maternity course
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