Lymph drainage massage is a massage improves the flow of lymph in the body and controls body condition.

Lymph is the blood plasma oozes out from the wall of a capillary vessel to cellular tissue.
Although blood carries oxygen and nutrition to a cell through a capillary vessel from an artery and returns to a vein with waste, which is received from a cell, some blood plasma do not return to a vein but remain between the cells and serves as lymph.


Blood circulates through the body by the pumping action of the heart. Since it is pushed by muscular power of the heart, lymph is easily overdue if the body does not get enough exercise. Although blood circulates the body, lymph flows one-way towards the heart from a body end, and is absorbed by the lymph vessel with waste.



※Lymph drainage massage and oil massage are in the same menu.


This is a treatment to relieve the fatigue of the day. And this is very popular to office workers.
( Massage muscle + adjustment + lymph drainage oil treatment below the knees)


This is the optimal treatment for those who work standing up all day and whose legs are swelled by fatigue.
( The lymph drainage below the knees oil treatment, 30 minutes)

※without tax

Treatment menu Time Price Coupon Price
The refreshment treatment
about 60 minutes 8,000yen 5,000yen
The lymph drainage below the knees treatment 30 minutes 3,200yen -

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