Men's: Face shape course

Men's: Face shape course

The shape improvement course of the face was born. Make the appearance of men in their 40s, 50s, 60s younger as well as minus 10 years. All four good individualities are good!


Ultrasound used for slimming esthetics, burning fat from 28,000 to 40,000 vibrations per second


There are over 20 kinds of facial expressions, but in daily life only about 30% of the whole is used. EMS stimulates facial muscles of the face that can not be normally moved using electric signals, and it enhances elasticity and elasticity.

RF (Radio Wave)

Radio wave removes horny dirt by thermal effect. The mechanism of the radio wave is effective for removing the dirt from the horny body because it delivers skin to the stratum corneum "widely" "deeply" "long" with a comfortable warmth.

Carbonic acid mist

Every time it is exposed to carbonic acid mist, the skin becomes transparent and moisturized. It is also an attention mist that has proven beauty skin effect.

Men's shop is hard to enter. But I want to solve some wrinkles and sags that I could make with the years. When I thought so, I learned that a men 's shape - up course will be received in the Gymnasium. Moreover, the price is also reasonable than regular men's esthetics! I was excited until I experienced it (laugh), but the current impression that I finished going through five times is that the skin is young and the facial expressions are enriched is the most pleasing. I was glad that young women staff of the company told me that the appearance minus 7 to 10 years of age was realized! I thought that 'I thought it was better' if I noticed it since I was young. Thank you in the future.

Mens Facial shape-up course
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