Bridal course

I want to be the most beautiful at the moment of happiness

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What kind?

Before the wedding day, beautifully made everywhere visible, and wearing a dress when wearing a wedding dress, if you can not see the back look beautiful, you can not waste your wedding once in a lifetime.

Since the shoulder blades are so often called Angel's feathers, they will look very beautiful if they are in good posture.

When wearing a wedding dress, distortion, so that the lines of the shoulder blades look beautiful, we will return the gap beautifully to the original posture.

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Is there pain?

Please do not worry. there is no pain.

Some people are extremely concerned about "Boki Boki !!" or "Gorigori !!", but we have received a voice that is rather comfortable, so do not be afraid to have pain, so please do not hesitate to consult us No.

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"Do bridal esthetics" "Clean your teeth" You've already spent tens of thousands of yen and you do not have to have a budget!

We are setting price settings that make everyone as easy as possible to have the best moment on the day of wedding ceremony.

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Bridal course The brilliance of the dress is determined by the shoulder blade line. It is 6300 yen in 60 minutes, cheap
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how to use total body care
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bridal course
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