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For people who are considering small face correction

What kind of content does everyone face small face correction? What is the price so high? Do not you have any doubts?

There are many shops like small faces with specialized special techniques, but is it true?

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Lie of minor face correction and true

Recently there are more stores saying "It can be a small face in one time", "It can become a small face semi-permanently", but there are no such magical stories!

Why can you say that you can become a small face semipermanently though it is not cutting bones in the first place? Even though the same way of basic treatment is the same at any store, it is semi-permanently small face at once, it is a funny story.

"Taking a swelling and making it a clean face" is to do at any store.
In other words, swallowing massage and lymph throat makes it close to a small face.
Even if you can adjust the skull (reaping), it will not be linked to "making a small face".
I am showing that there is something special technology, but the side who treats it is the fact that everyone knows.

What will be "I got a small face only on the day I did the operation?" You do not understand! What?
Actually... There is nothing to correct from bones and become a small face. It is a bright red lie. I do not know which is true. I have trouble!

How do you get a small face in the first place? How is it going on?

Facial swelling as a basic treatment content of small face correction, refreshing the flow of lymph, cleansing the accumulated water, making it the original face is the basis of small face correction.

In order to become a small face, we perform basic treatment first, swelling and slack. However, we can not continue with this alone. for that reason···
1.Improve daily lifestyle-related diseases 2.Daily Massage Maintenance 3.Investigation of the cause

By constantly making these possible every day, we will always approach small faces.

How can we be a small face, not just technology? How can you be on a small face permanently? I think that it is the most important thing to think with everyone, to run together, to approach a small face.

Anti-aging finest meat from carbonated mist facial course.Meat is going to be paranoid.

I want to take out wrinkles, dullness and sagging immediately. Let's realize the difference of the skin with a very popular carbonic acid mist. This is the ultimate anti-aging, it is not old. You really rejuvenate.

It is a course which incorporated a popular "carbonic acid mist" now that it is said to be effective for beauty and health in the course of beautiful face. We will approach lift-up · wrinkle · small face more effectively. At our hospital, we will use the synergistic effect of this carbonic acid power and original technique to perform the treatment to enhance the ultimate anti-aging effect.

What is carbonated mist?

As carbonic acid enters the body from the skin, the blood vessels are dilated, the blood flow improves, metabolism is promoted and it promotes the discharge of waste matter.
In addition, carbonic acid has the property of adsorbing to proteins, making carbonated soft and hardened protein makes it easy to peel off. Carbonic acid which has the effect of discharging waste matter and softening the skin is recommended for those who suffer from skin troubles such as wrinkles, swelling and sagging. Because it has immediate effect, you can realize the difference of your skin dramatically.

We have a lot of such voice and reputation.

  • ・Since the skin tones got lighter, the color of the foundation was changed to a bright one.
  • ・Face line refreshed, close to small face.
  • ・The wrinkles of the wrinkle that became obsolete became inconspicuous.
  • ・Pores that were large and troubling seeds became smaller.
  • ・It was said that the line was thin and rejuvenated.

Well, the price is as follows. Our store is easy.

I am worried that it may take as little as 30,000 yen or 50,000 yen for one face correction fee ... Please feel easy.

It is normal that small face is not adjusted so much because it is a body condition of face that prepares massage and prepares swelling. If you heal from the bone perfectly, it is nothing other than cutting bones with cosmetic surgery.

In fact I researched and tried out a fee related to small facial correction in the Ginza area.

This is a problem in the industry.
Because you can say anything good with your favorite pricing.
With store A, it costs 50,000 yen in only one, 68,000 yen in 3 times in B shop, high high high!
Both are famous shops in this area.
With this, "Let's consult first! There are also few people who think that it is · · ·

Ginza Body Hospital is easy to consult & easy to set price!
It is a gentle charge to your wallet of people who want to stay young and beautiful forever.
Please try this opportunity!
Have a day to go. I'll be waiting.

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