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From beauty leg course to slender legs

I want to become a slender legs leg I want to fix O legs and X legs I want to eliminate cellulite

Is not this troublesome?

Ankle thick・Thigh sag・Calf gives・Braised meat is on the knee・O leg and X leg・The balance between upper body  and lower body is bad

What are the main reasons why the legs are thickened

1.swelling fat

The lower part of the body is easy to swell, and if you do not move your legs too much, the blood flow will become worse and it will become easier to collect in the lower body. Even in the morning and evening it will be totally different leg thickness. It may come from chills.

2.fat fat and cellulite fat

As the condition of swelling continues, it becomes fat and eventually it changes to cellulite. Legs that have lost muscle mass, metabolism falls, fat becomes enlarged and becomes fat burning.from chills.

3.Muscle fat

It is a case where the muscles are stiffened due to exercise in the school days, or when you have caused long-term poor circulation. The calves are extremely thick, the front side of the thighs is out, etc.

4.Distortion of joints Bloating

Pelvic, hip, ankle distortion comes out with bad physical usage and habit, muscles are attached to the wrong place of the leg, and the flow of blood and lymph is worse.

If it is a beauty course of Ginza Body Hospital

First, return the distorted joints to their normal position and encourage them to flex flexibility on the muscles and tendons.
Then, the way the muscles of the legs are attached is guided in the right direction.
As a result, swelling improves and fat which grew thickened decreases.

In addition, our hospital incorporates a proprietary technique to promote blood circulation using carbonic acid mist and increase the leg effect with a relaxing massage oil.


FGinza Body Hospital is easy to consult & easy to set price!
It is a gentle charge to the wallet of those who want long and straight legs.
Please try this beauty leg course on this occasion!

Carbonic acid mist + skeleton straightening looseness (lower limb center) + knee massage oil Great attention!Bueutey leg special set course Anytime 90 minutes 9000 yen

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